Category Soapbox

Welcome to my little soapbox crate in the corner of the internet where the miscellaneous ramblings of my mind come together in written form. It’s a place for my mind to rest in chaotic revelry about the topic of the day.

So often, I devote my time to several endeavors at once. The CEO of my brain then takes a vacation and trying to get anything done comes at the cost of an aneurysm of depression. The complete lack of energy requires a recharge, so I come here.

The topics vary widely and are often what I feel like writing about that day. It might be a poem rattling through my mind at 2 a.m. It might be a tirade on the amount of stuff I have accumulated having a house of my own. Or it might be the special interest of the week thanks to my ADHD. Those range from gluten-free bread baking to amateur astrophysics. It depends on the week.

I also enjoy ranting but rarely get to rant effectively when I speak. So I write, instead. Standing in my little internet hideaway, the rants flow. However, this blog will not be a hideaway much longer now that I’ve put myself out there as a freelance writer.

Even so, I need a place to leave my thoughts sometimes, and this place is the best way to get a glimpse into me as a person. With an eye to learning more about you, my audience, welcome to my soapbox. I look forward to your company.