Category Serious Mental Illness Recovery

Welcome to my recovery journey. The ups, downs, and diagonals of serious mental illness recovery hound my steps daily. I still don’t know everything there is to know.

Would I be cured if I did?

Probably not.

SMI recovery is not a simple or quick process. Most often, the journey begins at the total breakdown of a life. The shambles of what could have been leave the gaping wounds of mind and heart scraped raw. Worse, it’s difficult to see how anything could be different from that place.

It’s next to impossible to ask for help.

Once that ask for aid is made, the journey is nowhere near smooth. It takes an incredible amount of mental fortitude to change what needs changing to get to the place psychiatry calls serious mental illness recovery. In my case, the mask had to come off to reveal an amorphous and impossible lack of self before I could start trudging my way toward stability.

This story is years in the making and won’t be told in just one post. It is ongoing as I strive for ever better methods to maintain what I’ve earned through the work I’ve done. I welcome anyone who wishes to follow this journey of mine as I explore ever-deeper aspects of my self, my soul, my shadow.