Raidon T. Phoenix – Author

Raidon T. Phoenix spent her mortal childhood scorching stories into notebook margins. The gauntlet of life is a comedy of errors, and the only way out is through the flames. For some, the fire burns to ash, and they never return. Yet again and again, like the firebird of legend, Raidon rises from the ashes of despair to reclaim the light.

Every battle that sears her soul makes her fire burn brighter. True, she takes occasional refuge in TTRPGs and Minecraft. The chance to play a different part in life serves to ignite her imagination. The seeds of new stories take root. Seeds become elements, which grow into stories and worlds.

So now for the modern adventurers of the world, Raidon writes. She writes for the ones ready to rekindle the lost fires of hope that inner demons try so hard to quench. The mind and the heart can often conflict, but they must become one to vanquish the foe within. So feel free to turn the page, but be aware, the world is not as it seems.